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For the rest of this documentation, we invite you to replace by your domain name.

To connect your domain to your Wix hosting, we recommend that you use the pointing method.

The pointing method allows you to keep all the existing settings in your cPanel interface (access to cPanel, webmail, ftp and others on your hosting with us) and to point only the main domain ( for example) as well as its subdomain www( to Wix.

First of all, remember to note theIP address of your hosting (you can find it in the main page of your cPanel in the General Information on the right of the cPanel under "Shared IP Address").


Step 1

Modify the DNS records for your mailbox management. To do this, go to your cPanel on DOMAIN>Zone Editor. Then click on the "Manage" button of the desired domain.

Find the line containing:, this is normally a CNAME to Click on "Modify" in this line. Change the record type from CNAME to A and in the field "Record" enter the IP address of the server. Then click on "Save record".

Then find the line containing your MX record type (you can use the filter and click on MX to do this). Then click on "Modify" and change the Destination from to and click on "Save record".


Step 2

Change the records of the main domain and the www subdomain to point to your Wix hosting.

On this Wix support page you should find the pointing information provided by Wix.

Now find the type A record for the main domain and click "Edit". Replace the current server IP address with the one provided by Wix and click on "Save record".

Now you need to find the CNAME record for the subdomain www. Look for the line containing and click on "Edit". Replace the record by the CNAME record provided by Wix and which should look like www** (** corresponds to a server number) and click on "Save record".


If everything is in order and after a delay in updating the DNS, your hosting should point correctly to your Wix hosting. Wix should then make sure that your hosting is secure. Wait about 24 hours for the secure access to your site to be functional (https).

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