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Here are some explanations, with examples, to try to illustrate the difference between the notion ofAlias and additional domain, thus defining what they correspond to with regard to our offer.


The notion of Alias or synonymous domains in our offer, as their name indicates, refers to giving several names to the same thing. In practice and concerning domain names only, it means using several different domain names to go (point) to the same Internet/Web site.

For example, you have created an online sales site pointed by the main domain my-boutique-en-ligne.com;

Main domain

For a better local and international visibility, for example, you wish to add the .ch and .fr extensions to your online sales site. You therefore acquire the two new domain names that interest you, i.e. my-online-shop.ch and my-online-shop.fr;
In order for these two new domain names to point to your online sales site in exactly the same way as your main domain, you create aliases so that anyone entering any of the three addresses/domain names in their browser will actually land on your site.

Alias de domaine

Additional domain

The concept of an additional domain is opposed to that of analias in that the use of a new domain name is intended to point to a different site than the one (or ones) you already have.
In practice this means that if you add an additional domain to your account, you can designate another folder containing a completely different site from your main site in your hosting space, thus managing two (or more) sites with your same account.

For example, you still have your online store as above with its two Aliases (in addition to the main domain): everything is fine;
But you want to create a personal site, completely independent and separate from your store because the theme has nothing to do with your business: share the photos of your last trip under the domain name something.ch;
You therefore create your new photo site, for example in the folder somethingch of your disk space in your hosting ;
You reserve your new domain name something.ch; Finally, you can point your additional domain to the folder of your new site. This way, both for your store's customers and for your friends who will come and look at your photos, they will not see or find any link between your store and your photo site, even though they are hosted in your same account!

Nom de domaine supplémentaire


  • The possibility to add additional domains is only available for accounts of type PERSO or higher. For more details see our offer: Shared web hosting offers;
  • Currently you can only add aliases for your main domain, which is the site in the public_html folder of your account.

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