Is it possible to change my domain name? Print

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Insofar as a domain name is a sort of unique identifier on the Internet, changing the domain name, even if only by one letter (to try to correct a typo for example) or its extension, would make it a different name and therefore a different domain name.

In practice this means that if you wish to change your domain name, it would mean creating a new one, which we can do for you, by adding the management of the new domain name to your account for the associated fee, in addition: Fees for domain names.

If theold domain name that you were using before the modification (by creating a new domain name) is no longer of any use to you, you cangive itup by notifying us. You will only owe us for the current annual subscription, in other words: you will not be reimbursed, but in the following years you will not have to pay for this old name.

We therefore recommend that you check the domain name(s) you are reserving before submitting your request, in order to avoid additional costs.

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