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Here are the steps to follow to transfer your domain name to AlpHosting :

  1. You must ask your registrar, which is usually your web host, for a transfer code (also called "authcode" or "EPP code", depending on the registrar) for each domain name to transfer. Obtaining this code is usually free;
  2. Once you have obtained this transfer code, send it to us by email at so that we can make the transfer request;
  3. Once our request has been made, depending on the extension of the domain name to be transferred, you may receive an email asking you to confirm the transfer: you just need to click on the link proposed to validate it and let the procedure continue.

IMPORTANT: depending on the extension, especially for .com/.net/.org domain names, the procedure can be a little more complicated and especially a little longer. Once the transfer is validated by the owner/administrator (click on the link in the email), a 5-day opposition period blocks any modification or new request for transfer of the domain name, and only after this period (if there was no opposition) the domain name is effectively transferred to us.
This implies that in practice, if you have e-mail addresses and/or a website to transfer at the same time as your domain name, this could only be done or effective after 5 days.

However, there is a way to get around this delay: you just have to change the names of the DNS servers associated with the domain name before making the transfer request. By doing this, your domain name will already be pointed to our servers while waiting for its effective transfer. However, this is an operation to be carried out in coordination with our support team so that it is done at the right time to prevent possible obstacles to the transfer of your site and/or your e-mails.

If you find this difficult to do by yourself, you can mandate us to make these requests on your behalf by giving us your connection identifiers to your registrar (or host) who registered your domain.

To obtain the transfer code from your current registrar, the procedure may vary depending on the provider. Please click on the links below for assistance:

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