A domain name is offered with my hosting and I already own a domain, how can I take advantage of this free service? Print

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In order to take advantage of the free domain name included in our hosting offers, this domain name must be managed by us (and it must end with.com,.net,.org,.info or.biz). In other words, we must be the registrar of your domain name.

To do this, if your domain name has already been reserved with another provider, you must transfer the registrar in the following manner:

1. Check the status of your domain name by consulting the whois record :

If the status of your domain name is not "Ok" (for example: clientTransferProhibited), you mustunblockyour domain name to allow the transfer. This can usually be done from the online administration interface of your current registrar.

Also make sure that the email address corresponding to the administrative contact of your domain name is a valid email address to which you have access.

2. Obtain your domain's authentication code(authcode).

This code is required for the transfer. It should be accessible via the administration interface of your current registrar, or must be requested directly from their technical department.

3. Request a transfer by sending your domain name and your "authcode" by email tosupport@tizoo.com

As soon as we receive your request, a transfer procedure will be started. You will then receive 2 to 3 confirmation requests by email to which you will have to answer positively.

Once the transfer is done, you will receive a confirmation from us.

Your domain name will remain in your name at all times.

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