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Once you have created a MySQL Database, you need to add at least one user to be able to access it. But before you can add a user, you need to create it, to do this, follow these steps, in order:

  1. Log in to your control panel;
  2. In the "DATABASES" tab, click on the "MySQL® Databases" icon:
    Créer un utilisateur MySQL

  3. Once in your DB management interface, in the "MySQL Users" section, enter the name of the new MySQL user, for example "something_diego" :
    Créer une base de données, BDD, DB
    Note: Please note that all of your MySQL user names will always be prefixed with your account name. This is necessary to ensure that two users/accounts cannot create two MySQL users with the same name.
  4. Generate or enter a password and confirm it in the following fields "Password" and "Passwordconfirmation
  5. " respectively. Be sure to store them in a safe place and away from prying eyes;
  6. Finally, you can click on the "Create a user
  7. " button to finally create the user;
  8. The interface confirms the creation of your new user, by clicking on "Back", you can return to the MySQL management interface and you can verify that your new user is indeed created, in the list of "Current users
  9. " at the bottom of the page.

Congratulations: you have just created your MySQL user!

But for your CMS or your own site to access your database, you must have created a MySQL database and associate the user to it, you will find in the following topics how to proceed:

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