Which MySQL database server should I use? Print

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To connect to a MySQL database created in your hosting, you basically have two possibilities:

Local connection

  • Server name: localhost (recommended) or
  • Port number: 3306

Explanations: This is the most common case, it is most often to configure your websites or CMS hosted in your disk space on our servers, so that they have access to a database to store their dynamic data. In this case, we advise you to use the server name localhost.
In case your site accepts only an IP address as a configuration parameter, you can as a last resort use the address

Remote connection

Warning: to be able to connect remotely you must first authorize your device to connect.

  • Server name: your main domain name, for example something.ch
  • Port number: 3306

Explanations: This is the case most of the time when you try to connect from your computer, tablet, phone... or any "remote" device (compared to our servers). This type of access is often used during the development of a site, to create it, test it or validate it on your computer before its final release.

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