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If you are having trouble connecting to your MySQL database, there are basically two possibilities depending on your connection mode: local or remote. But first, if you have just created your database, it is useful to check that you have created it correctly; consult the following sections of our FAQ in order to check that you have not forgotten anything when creating your database:

Remote connection

If you are trying to connect to your database from your computer, cell phone, tablet,... or any other "remote" device outside of our shared server itself. You will need to authorize the device you are trying to connect with beforehand. To do this, you can follow the procedure in our FAQ: How do I connect remotely to a MySQL database?

Local connection

If your problem comes from an attempt to connect locally from a site already hosted on our servers (using the"localhost" or"" server to connect), you can contact our support: support@tizoo.com and tell us the name of the database in question.

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