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We offer you several possibilities to fight against SPAM e-mails, depending on your needs, often linked to their frequency. Here is a list of the methods we offer you in your hosting, they are classified from the simplest (less restrictive) first to the most complex (but more effective and selective) last:

  1. Activation of the "Spam-Box": E-mails detected as possible Spam are automatically sorted and placed in a "Spam" folder in your mailbox (IMAP or Webmail only).
    You can find out how to do this in this FAQ: How to activate the Spam Box?
  2. Automatic deletion of Spam: Your e-mails detected as SPAM are automatically deleted.
    You can find out how to do this in this FAQ: How to automatically delete Spam?
  3. Activation of "Box Trapper": The received e-mails detected as possible Spam ask for a confirmation from the sender to validate that they are human beings.
    You can find out how to activate it and some tips on how to use it in this FAQ: How to activate and use Box Trapper?
  4. Use the Bayesian Spam Assassin filter: This is an algorithm that "learns" to detect spam according to your own sorting criteria, you place or remove the emails you consider as SPAM in a particular folder of your mailbox (IMAP or Webmail only) and the algorithm uses them to improve its performance.
    You can find out how to install and configure it in this FAQ: How do I configure Spam Assassin's Bayesian filter?

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