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You can connect to the hosted storage space of your subscription via FTP (File Transfer Protocol) in order to install the files of your website for example. To do so, you need to use an "FTP client" which is a software/application that allows you to establish a connection with our servers in order to allow any file exchange: both uploads/uploads from your computer to our servers, as well as downloads/downloads from our servers to your computer.
Some website/internet editing software also offer you the possibility to "publish" your creations directly to your host (in this case: our servers) to put it online via an FTP connection.

In any case, here are the parameters you will have to use to correctly configure your FTP client in order to be able to exchange files with your disk space hosted on our servers:

Server name or host name: the prefix/subdomain "ftp." followed by the name of the relevant domain. For example, for the domain "", it will be

Protocol: FTP

Port number: 21

Authentication type: Normal or ask for the password, do not select "Anonymous".

User ID: for the main account, the user ID that was given to you when you created your account (the same as for logging into your control panel).
If you have created other FTP accounts in your control panel, then the login will be in the form""("" being the name of the domain for which you have created/added an FTP account).

Password: for the main account this is the same password as for logging into your control panel, which was provided to you when you created your account.
If you have created other FTP accounts in your control panel, this will be the password you set when you created the FTP account you want to configure.

Troubleshooting: Some clients or network configurations do not work well in a certain "active" configuration of your FTP client. If you are having problems connecting to your FTP account, such as not being able to see the contents of remote folders or transfer files, try forcing the use of "Passive" mode for your file transfers. If this still does not work, try to connect using the SFTP protocol instead, which is the connection we recommend because it is more secure: How do I connect using SFTP?

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