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When you opt for paid hosting with us, if you already had an account with another host, the transfer of your data (domain name, site(s) and e-mail account(s)) is included. In other words: we do it for you without you having to incur additional costs.

That being said, in order for our support team to transfer your accounts you must provide us with the following data:

  • Domain name: you need to request a transfer code from your current registrar. You can find detailed information about this in this other topic: How to transfer a domain name?
  • Website: You will need to confirm with our support team beforehand that we are able to transfer your site: don't worry, most sites can be transferred. Unfortunately some very specific sites cannot be transferred due to technical (proprietary software not available) and legal (license) issues that make it impossible to transfer them.
    Most of the time an FTP access to your site (login, password, server name, ...) is enough for us to transfer it, in some other cases it may be necessary or more convenient to use an administration access to your site, this is especially the case for sites made with WordPress
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  • Email addresses

: you must provide us with a list of all the email addresses to be transferred as well as their means of access: login, password, server name, port number, type of connection (SSL, TLS, ...), etc... They are usually provided by your host.
If all this seems too complicated to you, we can obtain or modify this information for you if you ask us to do so by providing us with your connection identifiers to your host (login, password, name or address of the host, ...).

Once we have all these data in our possession, we agree with you on a date and time to carry out the transfer.

As a general rule, we carry out the transfers in the evening from 22-23h (Swiss time) in order to limit possible losses of data (in particular e-mails) during a short time when the service risks being interrupted.

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