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For its operation, Joomla needs a database in which it will create the tables necessary to save the data of your site as well as the administration information.

Before installing Joomla, it is therefore necessary to create a database and associate a user with it.

Step 1

Connect to your control panel and click on the MySQL database management icon.

Step 2

Create a database.

In this example, the database is called "joomla" and the account that is used is called "somethin" (Important information later).

Step 3

You must also create a user that will be used by Joomla to connect to the database.

In this example the user is called "joom".

Step 4

Associate the user with the database.

This is used to define the rights that this user will have on the database.

Click on "Add".

In this example, we see that the account name was added automatically by the system in front of the names we defined for the database (joomla) and for the user (joom).

Step 5

Give all rights to the user on the database by checking "ALL PRIVILEGES" and then click on "Make Changes".

That's all you need to configure in your control panel, you can now leave the control panel and start the installation of Joomla according to the documentation provided.

Step 6

During the installation of Joomla, you will be asked for the database information.

In our example this would be :

Server namelocalhost
User namesomethin_joom
Password[The one you set]
Database namesomethin_joomla
Table prefix[What you want]

To keep it simple, keep the default table prefix.

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