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Here's how to create an FTP account so you can access the location where you need to publish your site by default:


  1. Login to your control panel
  2. Once connected, scroll down to the "FILES" tab, then select "FTP Accounts":
    Accès à l'interface de création d'un compte FTP
  3. In the "Connection" field under "Add FTP account", enter the connection ID you want;
  4. Select the relevant domain name (in the case of multi-domain hosting) ;
  5. Enter and confirm the password that will be used to access this new FTP account. Store it in a safe place so that you don't lose it, and away from prying eyes to avoid unintentional or malicious access;
  6. To access the default publication space of your site, enter "public_html" in the "Directory" field. If you know what you are doing, choose an existing folder or a new one (which will be created automatically);
  7. Select "Unlimited" for the Quota or an appropriate size depending on the use that will be made of this account, but it is not customary to restrict the quota of your main site (public_html), as this could create more problems than anything else;
    Création d'un nouveau compte FTP
  8. Click on "Create an FTP account": Your new account will appear in the list of FTP accounts just below.
  9. To connect to this FTP account, use the selected login followed by an alias and then the domain name, for example: "".
    For more details on how to connect, you can consult our FAQ on this subject: Getting online/FTP

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