How do I add a domain name, an alias or a subdomain to my account? Print

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Depending on your subscription, you can add aliases, add-on domains or subdomains to your account to point either to your same site or to different sites.

For more information about this, you can visit : What is the difference between an add-on domain and an alias?

Prerequisite: owning the domain name

The domain name must belong to you: This means that you can't take the name that already belongs to someone else and that you must register the domain name you are interested in to prevent someone else from using it.

To register a domain name, you can either make a request via our website (which allows you to verify at the same time that the name is not already reserved by someone else): Register a domain name or send us your request by e-mail to 

If you already own the domain name: you will have to make a transfer request to the entity that currently manages it for you in order to allow us to host it on our servers. Our support service will be able to guide you in this process, send us a message so that we can organise this transfer appropriately: 

Note: Adding additional domain names to your account (transferred or created) is done according to our rates as described in the Domain Name Registration page.

Once you own the domain (whether it has been reserved directly with us or transferred), you can add it to your account, according to your needs and under the contractual limitations of your subscription.

Add a domain, alias or subdomain to your account

Note: You can add add-on domain only for "PERSO" hosting account or over.

You can add a domain, domain alias or subdomain to your account as follows (in this example, the cPanel username is user and the domain is

  1. Log in to your Control Panel,
  2. In the "Domains" section, click on "Domains",
  3. On the domains page, click on "Create a new domain name",
  4. In the "Domain" section, under Enter the domain that you would like to create enter the name of the domain, alias or sub-domain you would like to add (for example,
  5. - To create a domain name or sub-domain, uncheck the box Share document root (/home/user/public_html) with "".
    - To create a domain alias, check this box and go directly to point 8,
  6. In the field above "Indicate the directory in which you want the files for this domain to exist", leave the path automatically created or specify the desired path. This folder will be created automatically if it does not exist.
    Note: You can also make it point to an existing directory on your account (e.g. "public_html" to make it point to your default/main site). In this case, it will act as an alias of the selected site.
  7. When adding a new domain name, a sub-domain is requested in the "Sub-domain" field: leave the default value or enter the name of the desired sub-domain (this sub-domain is used by cPanel to manage the domain name),
  8. Click on "Submit" to add the domain, subdomain or alias.
  9. You may have to wait a few minutes for your new domain settings to be fully distributed to the DNS servers, so that you can see how well they work.

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