How do I test my site before changing DNS? Print

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When you transfer your site from one host to another, it is good to be able to check that your site is working before changing the DNS.

On our servers, two solutions are available to you:


1) Use our preview site

You can access the preview of your site according to our DNS servers at:

Then enter the domain name of your site in the configuration page.


⚠ If you want to test another site you may need to clear your browser's cache.


2) Modify your Hosts file

The method below only works if your site uses relative links and does not redirect to the domain name it is configured for (This is the case with Wordpress). If you want to pretend that the DNS are pointing to your new hosting, you can indicate the IP address of our server in the hosts file of your computer.

You will find your hosts file at the following location:

  • Under Windows : C:\Windows\system32\drivers\etc\hosts
  • Under Linux & Mac : /etc/hosts

You can edit this file with dedicated software Hosts File Editor under Windows or Gas Mask under Mac or edit

this file with administrator rights and add the following two lines:


Replace by the IP address of the server hosting your site (you will find it in the left column of the control panel) and replace "" by the domain name of your site.

Save the file and use your browser normally. You will now be redirected to our servers for this site.

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