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To solve the problems of referencing of your site on Google mainly, we advise you to use the Google Search Console.

You will find on the following link the Google documentation about Search Console:


You will also find a good tutorial on how to use Search Console on this page:


In order to add a site or a domain on the Search Console you must validate that you are the owner.

To validate your domain using a DNS record please follow these instructions:
  1. Log in to your cPanel account control panel
  2. Click on the DOMAINS>Zone Editor link.
  3. Click on "Manage" next to your domain name (example .com)
  4. Click on "Add a record" at the top right of the table
  5. Then fill in the form as follows:
Name (1st column): indicate your domain name (without indicating subdomains)
TTL: 14400
Type: TXT
Registration: The value given by google : google-site-verification=....


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