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If you don't receive any more new messages, or even if you can't send any more, your mailbox answers you with errors instead: you have certainly reached the maximum quota that is allocated to your mailbox.

To check if this is the case, you can connect to your Control Panel: How do I connect to my account?

Disk space:

Once you have logged in, first check that the disk space usage of your account has not reached its limit. To do this, in the"STATISTICS" area, check that the indication under the heading"Disk Usage" does not show a usage close to 100%:

Utilisation de l'espace disque

Tip: by clicking on it you will get a better idea of what is consuming disk space on your account.

What should I do if my disk space has reached the limit?

You can choose one of the following two solutions:

  1. Do the housework Delete useless files on your account as well as on your e-mail box, for example delete your useless messages, empty the "deleted messages" or "spam" folders, etc... This will at least allow you to continue receiving messages until you make a more permanent decision if you cannot free up much space on your account.
  2. Upgrade to a higher subscription: You can upgrade to a subscription that gives you more storage space in your account at any time. For example, if you have a MAIL subscription that gives you 5GB of storage space, you can upgrade to the 10GB PERSO subscription to double your storage space, or the 50GB EXPERT subscription to increase your storage capacity tenfold.
    For more details about our offers, you can consult them here : Email hosting
    To change your hostingplan, here's how to do it: How to change your hosting type?


If your disk space is not "saturated", then check that you have not set up a quota that is too restrictive on your e-mail account. To do this, always in your Control Panel, in the tab"E-MAIL", click on"Mail accounts". In the tab"Email accounts" look at the column"Usage / Quota / %" of the account concerned, you can then check if it has not reached its limit.

Vérification du quota d'un compte e-mail

If the quota limit is reached, you have two possibilities:

  1. Clean up How to change your hosting type : Delete unnecessary files in your mailbox, for example delete your useless messages, empty the "deleted messages" or "spam" folders, etc...
  2. Increase the quota: To increase the quota, click on the button "Quota" ("Disk and Quota" in English) of the line concerning the affected account:
    bouton quota
    You can then either increase the quota space allocated to this e-mail account; or configure it as"Unlimited" in which case it will be the limit of your account, according to your subscription (thus thedisk space seen above) which will be the new limit.

Anything else?

If you don't fit into any of the above scenarios, please contact our support department.


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