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      Our Java hosting with dedicated application server is managed by the NGASI web interface.

      In this interface, you will find several pages that allow you to manage and use your application server. To switch from one page to another, use

the "Menu" button at the top right.

      The first page, which you arrive at after logging in to NGASI is:

App Server Manager

      On this page you can:


      • Choose the application server you want to use and install it (Select application server or Bundle)
      • Stop and restart your application server (Toggle App Server Status)
      • View the application server logs (arrow below Toggle App Server Status)

Web Server Configuration

This page allows you to configure Apache (the web server listening on ports 80 and 443) to redirect certain URLs to your application server. There are three configuration modes:

      • Wildcard: All urls are redirected to your application server (except those defined in "Path exclusions")
      • Path : All urls defined in the list under "Paths" are redirected to your application server
      • Disabled : The application server is not accessible via ports 80 and 443

Switching from one mode to another is done with the three buttons at the bottom of the page. Adding a path is done with the "+" button.


On this page you can :

      • Upload a war file or an ear file on the server
      • Deploy your applications on the application server

When uploading, you will have the possibility to define a DataSource which will then be accessible via the InitialContext of your application.

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