How do I deploy my war file? Print

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A common way to deploy a java web application is to place the application in a "web application archive"(.war file) and transmit this file to the server.

This operation is perfectly possible on our servers. To deploy your "war"file, please do the following:

Step 1

In order toallow the automatic deployment of your "war"file by Tomcat, it is necessary to temporarily change the permissions of your root directory:public_html.

To do this, use your FTP client and change the permissions of thepublic_htmldirectory to "777" (read, write and execute for everyone).

Step 2

Transfer your "war" file to thepublic_html directory and wait a few seconds.

Tomcat will automatically detect the file and deploy it for you.

Step 3

Setthe permissions to "750" for the public_html directory.

(read, write and execute by the user, read and execute by the group and no rights to others).

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