What are the values of max_execution_time and upload_max_filesize? Print

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To know (or confirm) the value of the current setting of a PHP configuration variable, the easiest way is to use the PHP function ini_get() from a test script located at the place(path) where the verification is needed. For example, the following instructions:

$ini_upload_max_filesize = ini_get("upload_max_filesize");
$ini_max_execution_time = ini_get("max_execution_time");

This will allow you to know the value of these parameters in your script to display them at your convenience. Be aware that these are strings, so a value of 2M for upload_max_filesize will be difficult to use without conversion.

Non-native PHP version

In case you have selected a non-native version of PHP, you can also check the values of these parameters via your control panel:

  1. In the"SOFTWARE" tab, click on the"Select a PHP version" icon;
  2. Once in the"PHP Selector", click on"Switch to PHP Options" at the top right. You will see the list of modifiable parameters and their current value.

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