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In order to make connections to your site more reliable and secure and to guarantee their origin as well as their confidentiality, you can force any attempt to connect via a non-secure access to your site (using the http protocol) to do so via the secure access (using the https protocol).

You have two options to do this : 


1. Enable the option in your cPanel

The first step consist to log into your cPanel account.

Once in your cPanel, go to DOMAINS>Domains section:



In the list find the domain name you want to secure :

Enable the option Activez l'option "Force HTTPS redirect" : 

Wait a few moments before this redirection is functional on your site.

To do this for additional domains, you need to display the subdomains created by the system.
To show subdomains that the system automatically creates, perform the following steps:

  1. Click the gear icon ().
  2. Click Show Associated Domains.


2. Modify the .htaccess

Experts can force the redirection in the .htaccess file.


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