Is SSL support free? Print

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Yes, the generation of your SSL certificates is free!

We use Let's Encrypt SSL via AutoSSL which allows you to generate free and automatic valid SSL certificates for all your domains & sub-domains hosted by our servers, however under certain limitations, not very annoying for their most common use, which are as follows

  • Your certificates are only valid for 3 months (compared to one year for the paid versions in general).
    However, they are automatically renewed by Let's Encrypt SSL when they expire.
    It is therefore a completely transparent process that ensures that there is always a valid certificate for your domain.
  • You cannot generate certificates for generic "multi-domains" with willcards (for example: *

If you prefer to guarantee a higher level of trust for your accesses, you can always subscribe to a paid SSL certificate. You will find our offer in detail on this page: SSL Certificates.

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