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All of our servers are located in two data centers in Switzerland, one in Lausanne (Bussigny), the other in Geneva (Cointrin).

The data centers hosting our servers have the following characteristics:

  • Multiple and redundant connections to different providers, 24 hour surveillance
  • Presence of UPS and generators to guarantee the power supply in case of power failure
  • Fire protection with Inergen gas: guarantee of continuous operation in case of fire
  • Redundant air conditioning
  • Secure access and 24-hour video surveillance

In order to be environmentally friendly, the electricity used by our servers and the datacenter is 100% renewable energy. The only exception: the backup generators run on gasoline, but are very rarely used.

Our servers are equipped with redundant power supplies and your data is protected against hard drive failure through thesystematic use of RAID technology.

In order to guarantee the security of your data, all your data stored on our servers via a shared hosting offer, an AlpMail account, an AlpBox account or an AlpBackup backup space are duplicated daily on a server located in the other data center. This would allow a recovery of a backup of your data in case of total destruction of one of our datacenter.

Upon request, we can set up real-time data replication solutions between our two data centers. Do not hesitate to contact us about this.

Finally, in order to offer our Geohosting service, we rent several servers located in different countries. These servers are not used for data storage and only serve as a cache for the sites using this service.

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