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We regularly update our servers to keep them up to date with your needs, including PHP. But knowing that there are incompatibilities between the different versions of PHP and in particular that the backward compatibility is not always ensured, you have the possibility of selecting the version of PHP which you wish to use, starting from the V4.4 until the last one.

To do this, once connected to your control panel, here is how to proceed:

  1. In the"SOFTWARE" tab, click on the"Select a PHP version" module;
  2. This is where you will find the list of available PHP versions: you can then select the PHP version you wish to use in your account.
    Please note that this version applies to all the sites managed in your account, it is therefore not possible to select a specific version of PHP per site managed via this interface.
    Please also note that for native versions it is not possible to select modules to load/unload and that to modify PHP settings you will have to go through a specific php.ini file;
  3. Once you have chosen a version, click on the"Set as current" button to activate it;
  4. You can then select the specific modules to be loaded among those proposed or modify options by clicking on"Switch To PHP Options" ;
  5. Once you have selected your options and/or modules, click on the"Save" button so that your new configuration is saved and taken into account. You can also choose the "Use defaults" button to return to the default configuration.

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