AlpBox: Cloud file synchronization and collaboration tool

Access your files from any device while keeping your data in Switzerland


AlpBox 20 GB

€ 28.00/year

  • 20 GB storage space



AlpBox 50 GB

€ 57.00/year

  • 50 GB storage space



AlpBox 100 GB

€ 104.00/year

  • 100 GB storage space



AlpBox 200 GB

€ 198.00/year

  • 200 GB storage space


Hosted in Switzerland

Your data and files hosted in Switzerland

All of your files will be stored and backed up in Switzerland. Your data will be protected by strong swiss privacy laws. In addition, if you use the encryption feature, nobody except you will be able to read your files, even if our servers are stolen!


Access your files from anywhere

Your files will be accessible from your computer (PC, Mac or Linux), from your tablet or smartphone (iOS, Android and Blackberry) and from any internet browser. Of course, you can only access them with your account password

MySQL + PostgreSQL

Keep an history of your files

You saved over or deleted a file on your computer by accident? Recover it from your AlpBox account. By default, we keep the entire history of your files, but you can define your own retention time.

CMS Ready

Share your files

Simplify your digital life: Send links to your colleagues and friends allowing them to view or even edit your files. Keep track of the changes they made using the history feature.

MySQL + PostgreSQL

Synchronize your files

You will never loose changes made to a document because you used an old version. Your files always stay synced on all your devices (provided that you are online).

CMS Ready

Encrypt your data

Your files contain sensitive data that you don't want to share with anyone (including us)? Simply enable encryption on your AlpBox library and nobody will be able to access your files except you.

* This price is based on our yearly price divided by 12.